Q. How do I start a new round?
1. Tap "New Round" from the "HOME" screen.
2. Select "Club"

(Enter club/course info if new)

3. Pick shoot order.
(Add shooter name if new).
4. Select "Done" button.
5. Choose "Start" to begin round.

Q. How do I set up a new course?
1. Tap the "Courses" from the navigation bar (bottom), tap the "+" at the top of the screen and enter the new club information.

2. Hit "Save" and the new club will be added to the "Clubs" screen.

3. Select the new club name, select the "+" at the top of the screen and enter name of course,
(if club has more than one course), number of stations and shots per round to complete course set-up.

The course is now saved for future rounds. New course can also be set up after selecting "New Round" on the home screen by selecting the "+" on the "SELECT CLUB" screen.


Q. How do enter the shot menu for a new course?
The station count and number of shots per station varies from club to club in Sporting Clays and ClayTracker makes it easy to customize shot menus for new courses.

Once you set up a new course it is stored in memory ready for the next round, and it takes just seconds to update the course later if the shot menu changes.

1. When you select "Start" for a new round a "Dialog Box" pops up asking if you want to customize this course.

2. "Yes" gives you the "Shot Menu Set-Up" screen. Select shot sequence for that station, then select "Shoot Station" to begin scoring.

3. "No" gives you the scoring screen with blank buttons ready to score, however all shots will be recorded as singles, and ClayTracker cannot prompt you to change shooters or stations during the course of play since it will not know the number of shots for that station.

If you know the shot sequence for the next station tap the "Next Station" arrow and a pop-up will ask if you would like to "Repeat Shot Sequence From Last Station"? Tap "Yes" if you want to duplicate the shot menu from the last station. Select "No" to enter new shot sequence and complete station set-up before beginning round.

Q. Can I skip shooters or stations?
Yes. You determine your shooting order when you select your shooters. ClayTracker keeps track of the shot rotation, but if you shoot out of order the app will prompt you to score the last shooter before you move to the next station.

Q. Can I preview previous scorecards?
Yes. ClayTracker stores all previous scorecards under the "Shooters" name so they can be reviewed on a "per shot" basis any time. Shot types i.e. (S, FP, RP, or TP) can also be reviewed.

Scorecards can be deleted by selecting "Edit" on the "Stats" screen.

Q. How does 5-Stand scoring work?
1. Pick "New Round" on the "Home" screen.
2. Choose "Select Club"
3. Select "5-Stand"
4. Choose 5-Stand Level I, II, or III.
5. Select shooting order.
6. Press "Start" to begin round.

Q. What updates are coming soon?
Version 2.0 of ClayTracker has been released with scoring for Skeet and Sporting Clays.