Tap "New Round" to begin play. Select your game. Choose from Sporting Clays & English, American or Olympic Skeet Select club. Choose from the list or select "+" to add a club.

ClayTracker Club Details ClayTracker Select Your Shooters Claytracker Select Shooter Screen
Club Details features a direct link to Google Maps for directions to the course. Rotation order is determined by the order in which you select your shooters. Once game, course and shooters are selected tap "Start" to begin.


ClayTracker Skeet Screens ClayTracker Leaderboard Screen ClayTracker Skeet Option Dialog Boxes
American, English & Olympic Skeet are scored using the same Hit/Miss buttons. The Leaderboard tracks each shooters standings throughout the rounds os Skeet or Sporting Clays. A perfect round of "24 Straight" will prompt you to shoot your Option on the last station.


ClayTracker Sporting Clays Set Up ClayTracker Sporting Clays Scoring Screen ClayTracker Sporting Clays Stats
The Shot Menu Set-Up screens allow you to customize the shot sequence for any course. The large animated HIT/Miss buttons allow for quick & easy one hand touch-screen scoring. The History screen allows you to view scores & track percentages of all previous rounds.